Month: January 2010

10,000 Tweets

Yesterday, I sent my 10,000th Tweet. Kind of crazy.

I first joined Twitter back in July 2008, but I really didn't start actively tweeting until the end of April 2009 while at the Nonprofit Technology Conference sponsored by NTEN. Before being active on Twitter, I was pretty active on Facebook. I had purposely avoided Twitter for a long time.

I'm so grateful that I finally jumped in feet first to Twitter. I have met so many great people, and even met some of those people in person. I have grown personally and professionally in ways that I couldn't even imagine about a year ago.

Here's to the next 10,000 Tweets.

The Miss Army Knife

I am usually not a fan of taking something manly and making it girly. I find most of the “pink tool kits” to be a joke, and usually you wind up with something not very functional. However, the Miss Army Knife (Kit) may have changed my mind. I need to order one, and this should not be seen as endorsement because I’ve never actually used the product. But, I do like the addition of the little mini mirror and LED light. I could use that on almost a daily basis.

Retelling of Classics

I love retelling of classics. I’m not talking re-makes, but books or movies that put a new spin on an old story or fable.

I have three favorites, including a new one that I’ve just recently seen.

Lost in Austen: A girl from 2009 is transported to the world of Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) and can’t find her way back. Her interactions with the classic Austen characters change the story in unexpected ways.

Ever After: Is a story that sticks to most of the history of the Cinderella story. Starring Drew Barrymore, the movie brings the Cinderella story to life.

Enchantment: A book by Orson Scott Card offers the biggest twist. A man from modern times decides to leap across a cavern and in the process transports himself into the magical world of Sleeping Beauty.

There are many others. Probably the one that I’ve been most disappointed in was Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire. Maguire’s writing style was too bouncy for me.

“Just Push In”

Earlier today, Chris Brogan tweeted this: "Excited to be at #smcdallas tonight. Make sure you say hi. Don't say, "but you were swamped." Just push in. :)"

At pretty much that same time, I had just read his latest blog post – Your Farmer List. The Farmer post already had 50+ comments, many that were really insightful, and I was trying to figure out if I could really add something to the conversation. Chris and his tweet inspired me to make a comment anyway.

But, this whole question is something I think a lot of us struggle with. There are people that have been elevated to rock star status – some deservedly and some not. We struggle whether we have something pithy to say that will match their comments or be "worthy" of their blog post.

I'm trying to get over that. I'm trying to "push in".

Why I Need to Move

This post is in large part inspired by Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. Since long before I met her, EPW has been talking about a move to San Diego. Recently, she changed her mind and decided to move to San Francisco instead, but she had told so many people about her move to San Diego that she needed to post a video explaining her change in plans.

I'm hoping that this post will help create some peer pressure and do the same.

First, let me explain my current living situation. I live in a small, but not tiny, studio apartment. The benefits of this apartment are that it's conveniently located to the freeway, the apartment is on the ground floor, it's under rent control in East Palo Alto, and I've lived here a long time.

Now, here are all the reasons I need to move:
a) I have way too much stuff to fit into a studio apartment.
b) While the bathroom in this apartment is huge, the kitchen is tiny and has no prep space. My cooking is really limited to things that come in packages that I can throw in a pot and things that can go in the microwave.
c) The apartment is not really handicap accessible, which means getting around during my previous knee surgeries has been a challenge.
d) My bed also serves as my couch. This is a problem for two reasons — I really need to establish some sleep health (only go to "bed" when it's time for sleep, etc.) and it makes it nearly impossible to invite people over and be comfortable.
e) My ceiling has sprung leaks several times.
f) There's a good chance that there is black mold right above my head every night I sleep.

I'm hoping this post helps create some peer pressure to get me moving in the right direction.