What I Did on My Winter Vacation

To end 2009, I took a full two weeks off of work. It was definitely
needed and made the trip out to Utah worthwhile. Here are some things
I did and didn’t do for the past two weeks.

What I did:
– Drove out to Utah in one of the worst storms I’ve ever driven
through. It broke me, and I actually had to stop in Elko. It took me a
full 24 hours from the time I left California to the time I arrived in
Utah (although that included a long “nap” at a hotel in Elko.
– Hung out with a cute little guy named Trevyn.
– Had a great lunch with my nephew, Jason
– Applied for several jobs and found more to apply to.
– Realized that if I could find a 20-30 hour job that would give me
benefits, that would give me the flexibility to start up a consulting
– Visited the cemetery where my father is buried. There was too much
snow to see his actual grave, but it’s the thought that counts
– Watched the entire final season of Battlestar Galatica (it was
frakking awesome!)
– Talked with Ann & Paul on Skype with Kory, Missy and Trevyn. Yet
again solved an early Christmas morning technical issue for Ann & Paul
all the way from Utah (even though they are in Cyprus)
– Hopefully found a new task management system that might get me organized.

What I didn’t do:
– Not a lot of crochet.
– I didn’t check email the whole time I was in Utah. My work
blackberry died, and I didn’t recharge it. I brought my token with me.
– Think about Bob hardly at all.

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