Why I Need to Move

This post is in large part inspired by Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. Since long before I met her, EPW has been talking about a move to San Diego. Recently, she changed her mind and decided to move to San Francisco instead, but she had told so many people about her move to San Diego that she needed to post a video explaining her change in plans.

I'm hoping that this post will help create some peer pressure and do the same.

First, let me explain my current living situation. I live in a small, but not tiny, studio apartment. The benefits of this apartment are that it's conveniently located to the freeway, the apartment is on the ground floor, it's under rent control in East Palo Alto, and I've lived here a long time.

Now, here are all the reasons I need to move:
a) I have way too much stuff to fit into a studio apartment.
b) While the bathroom in this apartment is huge, the kitchen is tiny and has no prep space. My cooking is really limited to things that come in packages that I can throw in a pot and things that can go in the microwave.
c) The apartment is not really handicap accessible, which means getting around during my previous knee surgeries has been a challenge.
d) My bed also serves as my couch. This is a problem for two reasons — I really need to establish some sleep health (only go to "bed" when it's time for sleep, etc.) and it makes it nearly impossible to invite people over and be comfortable.
e) My ceiling has sprung leaks several times.
f) There's a good chance that there is black mold right above my head every night I sleep.

I'm hoping this post helps create some peer pressure to get me moving in the right direction.


  1. I am thinking you should move. Leaks are never good, getting around your place should be easy especially if you have had knee surgeries, and well everyone needs a good sleep schedule. Me included.

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