Stephen King: Lisey’s Story

I just finished Lisey’s Story (affiliate link) by Stephen King. It’s a few years old, but for some reason I had missed it when it originally came out.

The story reminded me a lot of The Dark Half. Of course, much of that was due to the subject matter. Both are about authors. And, both are about authors with some disturbing mental health issues, which is also part of where their gift comes from. You can also see a bit of Stephen King’s personal demons in both stories.

There were parts of the story that I found hard to read. I prefer Stephen King books that are built in the world of fantasy and not in the world of real-life. His books based in real-life can be a little too real for me.

Overall, I liked it and would recommend it to other Stephen King fans. I wouldn’t list it in my top 10 of his books.

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