#FollowFriday – John Haydon (@johnhaydon) #FF

I’ve never liked the idea of the #FF tweets filled with a list of names, so following someone else’s lead I’m going to do some posts that give more detail about why you should follow someone instead. 

@JohnHaydon – I can’t remember when I started following John Haydon. It seems like I’ve been following him since I started getting active on Twitter over a year ago. 

Why you should follow John Haydon – 
  1. If you’re looking for ways to use WordPress, you should follow John Haydon. He’s a bit of a Headway nut, but he’s always posting and talking about great tips to get the most out of WordPress. John and a bunch of other smart folks even set up a program to help people Start Blogging Today. (affiliate link) 
  2. If you’re involved in social media marketing for a non-profit, you should follow John Haydon. In January, John put together a series of really helpful posts about social media marketing / blogging. He put all the posts together in an ebook for Communist Paratroopers
  3. If you do marketing for a small or medium business, you should follow John Haydon. While any business could use John’s tips, they are especially useful for people with limited resources and limited budgets. 
One of the things I really like about John, is that he’s not afraid to show his personality in his tweets. It’s not just all about marketing, social media, or WordPress. It’s often about his son, his music, or even poop. 

One comment

  1. Sue Anne – You made my day, and it hasn’t even started yet! Thanks so much for the #ff and for calling me a Headway nut (which I take as a compliment). Stay out of jail this weekend, ok?

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