Review: The Way We Get By

One of my favorite parts about Netflix is the ability to watch documentaries and movies that I might not have even known about before. One of the recommendations they showed me was a documentary called “The Way We Get By“. 

This documentary is a look at a group of men and women that volunteer at a small airport and greet American servicemen and servicewomen as they return from serving over in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also say goodbye to them as they leave to serve.

If the documentary simply followed them as they did the service, it probably would have been compelling.

But, it also follows them outside of the airport as they deal with the ups and downs of their lives — one man’s decision to sell his house and his property after it has become overrun with pets and stuff; another saying goodbye to her grandchildren as they go off to serve; and one saying farewell to his dog. 

If you’re on Netflix, I would highly recommend watching this (its available for instant viewing or you can add it to your queue).

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