#FollowFriday – DJ Waldow @djwaldow #FF


DJ WaldowI’ve never liked the idea of the #FF tweets filled with a list of names, so following someone else’s lead I’m going to do some posts that give more detail about why you should follow someone instead. 

I was first introduced to DJ Waldow a few months ago by Mack Collier. I had mentioned to Mack that I was exploring the idea of moving to Salt Lake City, UT and Mack knew that DJ did community management for Blue Sky Factory from Salt Lake. A few days after the introduction, DJ was a guest on #blogchat and was awesome. A short time after that, I was able to meet DJ in person at the New Marketing Labs New Marketing Experience event. DJ is one of those people where what you see online is also what you get in person – he’s energetic, loyal to his family, and passionate about email marketing. 
Why you should follow DJ Waldow
  1. If you’re interested in email marketing and how to do it in an ethical and smart way that will get your organization results. While DJ is the community manager for Blue Sky Factory, he’s an advocate for the entire field of email marketing. 
  2. If you’re interested in the intersection between email marketing and social media, DJ is always sharing great ideas from Blue Sky Factory, MarketingProfs and others. 
  3. He loves the word “Dude“. [watch the video] 
I owe a personal thank you to DJ for introducing me to some great folks before a recent trip to Salt Lake. Go follow him. You won’t regret it. 
(Photo credit: Joanna Taylor Photography


  1. Very very kind of you to write this. Made my day/week/month!DJ WaldowDirector of Community, Blue Sky Factory@djwaldow

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