#FollowFriday – Erin Korogodsky – @erinkoro #FF

Of the 750+ people I follow on Twitter, there are less than 10 that I knew in person before beginning this great adventure. Erin is one of those people. I first met Erin when I was working for Essex Property Trust and she was working for For Rent magazine. What started out as a working relationship has developed into a friendship.
Why you should follow Erin (@erinkoro):
  1. If you live in the Bay Area, or you're planning on visiting San Francisco, Erin is generally in the know about events happening in the social media space and her Foursquare checkins are great to follow if you're looking for somewhere to grab a drink or hang out.
  2. She works for Scout Labs by Lithium and is on top of the latest in what's happening with listening tools, social CRM and social media in general (especially Twitter).
  3. She writes awesome blog posts, like the one she wrote today – "Is your Twitter Pitch the New Elevator Pitch?"
  4. She's just an all around cool gal.
So, go check out @erinkoro and follow her.
Also, check out my previous posts about why I think you should be following John Haydon and DJ Waldow.

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