My new apartment

I’ve really wanted to move for over a year now, but I felt stuck. I felt like I couldn’t move until I found a new job. Moving is difficult, and I only wanted to do it once and then be settled again for awhile.

So I waited …
… I waited to start eating better until I was in a kitchen where I could cook healthy meals.
… I waited to start socializing more until I was in an apartment where I didn’t feel like I was inviting someone into my bedroom.
… I waited to start exercising more until “after I move.”
… I waited to get more organized until I was ready to move.
Well, now the wait is over. On 7/24, I move into my new apartment and I’m super excited. The next couple of weeks are going to be super busy. I have to finish wrapping things up at my current job, potential jury duty, pack everything up, buy some new furniture and lots of other tasks. But, I’m ready to stop waiting and get on with things.

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