Crochet Works in Progress

While I was searching for a new job, I put myself on a bit of a crochet hiatus. I wanted to focus most of my time in the evenings on finding a new job. Now that I have a new job and a new apartment, it’s time to start to crochet again. 

I have one main work in progress – the blanket I’m making for my niece Marley. I should be able to finish it by her 1st birthday party at the beginning of September. 

Other projects that I need to do: 
a) Wedding blanket for Jake and Shaylene Checketts 
b) Anniversary / You’re Awesome blanket for Ann and Paul Checketts 
c) Wedding blanket for Duncan and Deirdre Shaw 
d) Wedding blanket for Christina and Mike Harding 
e) Baby blanket for Gideon Sharp 
f) Baby blanket Abby Harding 
g) Wedding blanket for James and Jennifer Hodgins 
h) Baby blanket for Victoria Hodgins 
i) Baby blanket for Mackenzie Checketts 

Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do. For a lot of these projects, I’ve already bought the yarn and its just time to get them started. 

Addendum: Even though they’ve been married for forever, one of these days I need to make a blanket for my sister Liz and her husband Brad, and I also need to make something for my two nephews – Brett and Brendan — who were born before the crochet bug hit. 

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