Chefmate: 51 Piece Kitchen Gadget Set

After moving in to my new apartment, one of my first priorities was to get some new tools for my kitchen. I saw an ad in the Target Circular for a 51-piece set from Chefmate that included knifes and other tools. 

I've used Chefmate tools in the past, especially Chefmate knives and never had a problem. 

However, this set is horrible. All the knives that I've tried to use so far are really dull and almost unusable, and I don't think the blades are high enough quality to actually get sharpened. 

The plastic tools that I've used so far are really weak. I went to go stir some pasta and sauce with one and it almost bent in half. It might have been better if it had broken in two. 

It's too late to take this back to Target, but I'll definitely think twice before buying another Chefmate product in the future.  

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