I’m not going to the Giants game

Today, most of my office is going to watch the San Francisco Giants. It’s kind of an end-of-summer / thank you for all your hard work company thing.

I’m not going.

There’s a couple of different reasons … some of them more complicated than others.

a) I haven’t been out in the sun much this summer and knew that sitting outside for a couple of hours was probably not the best idea.
b) Walking long distances has been a bit problematic, especially after my adventures last week in San Francisco, and because the tickets were bought somewhat last minute, it wasn’t possible for me to arrange to get accessible seating.
c) I’ve hit the “Too fat to [insert activity here]” stage. About 50 pounds ago, I definitely crossed the line into “Too Fat” … especially when it comes to seating options. I get filled with anxiety when going to a place I don’t know wondering whether I’m going to be able to sit in a chair. Is the chair wide enough for me to even sit down? And if I can sit down, are the arms of the chair going to leave bruises and cut off circulation to my legs? It’s a depressing place to be.

What am I doing instead?

Since my boss is out of the office, I’ve made an appointment with a new chiropractor and going to go have a consultation with him. I’ll also probably pick up lunch somewhere and get some writing done while the office is quiet, and before everyone shows back up.

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