Month: August 2010

Chefmate: 51 Piece Kitchen Gadget Set

After moving in to my new apartment, one of my first priorities was to get some new tools for my kitchen. I saw an ad in the Target Circular for a 51-piece set from Chefmate that included knifes and other tools. 

I've used Chefmate tools in the past, especially Chefmate knives and never had a problem. 

However, this set is horrible. All the knives that I've tried to use so far are really dull and almost unusable, and I don't think the blades are high enough quality to actually get sharpened. 

The plastic tools that I've used so far are really weak. I went to go stir some pasta and sauce with one and it almost bent in half. It might have been better if it had broken in two. 

It's too late to take this back to Target, but I'll definitely think twice before buying another Chefmate product in the future.  

NFL Hazing: Harmless Pranks or Sending a Bad Message?

A recent post on Care2 asked whether or not hazing on NFL teams sent a bad message. Two recent hazing incidents made news. The first was when a rookie on the Dallas Cowboys refused to participate in the hazing. The second was when Tim Tebow showed up on national TV with a crazy haircut. 

While some teams consider this old tradition that is nothing more than fun and games, others see it as a potentially dangerous situation. Anti-hazing groups bring up a viable question: does NFL hazing promote the idea of hazing to college and high school students?

The NFL players that participate in these sorts of things say that they are just harmless pranks, and for the most part they are. They are simply silly haircuts or a rookie being asked to carry extra water or gear to the practice field. The problem is that they set an example that hazing is okay at sports highest level. And, while NFL players may have the mental maturity to know what's a harmless prank and what is not, the college and high school players that look up to them may not. 

Even things that may seem harmless can get taken too far and have repercussions that extend beyond needing a new haircut. NFL players need to realize that they don't live in a bubble, and the coaches and owners need to step in and stop these hazings from continuing. 

Disclosure: I work at Care2 as a Communications Manager. These opinions are my own and do not reflect those of Care2.

A Great Set of Bowls (and a new project)

I recently decided to launch a new store with OpenSky. I think they are a great company working with small businesses who are interested in working with bloggers like me to sell their products. As part of my store launch, I was able to get a product for free. Since I was about to move in to my new apartment, I selected this great set of bowls made by CaliBowl. 


These bowls are fantastic. I’ve used each one at least once. What I like most about them: 
  1. They are stackable. All five bowls stack neatly, so they don’t take up much space in my limited apartment cupboards. 
  2. They are both microwave and dishwasher friendly. 
  3. The small bowl makes a fantastic little mixing bowl for spice mixes or dressings for salad. 
  4. They come in multiple colors that you can use to match your other kitchen decor. 
Feel free to check them out. They are $30 for 5 bowls. Leave a comment to let me know if you order them. 

Why I’m looking forward to the #140conf San Francisco

About a year ago was when I first heard about the 140 Characters Conference organized by Jeff Pulver. They’ve been held in several cities since then, and I’ve really wanted to go to one, but scheduling never worked out. 

I’m excited that the next #140conf will be happening in San Francisco on 8/19, and I will be there. 

There’s two main reasons I’m looking forward to this conference: 
  1. I get to finally meet Ted Rubin in person. He’s speaking at the conference in the afternoon. He works at OpenSky — a really cool eCommerce project. 
  2. This will be my first opportunity to network as an official Care2 employee. 
If you’re going to be at #140conf in San Francisco, let me know. 

What does that Countdown Clock mean?

You may notice in the side of this blog that there's a countdown clock. 

I've joined a project called OpenSky that will allow me to make recommendations about products and allow you to buy them from my personalized shop. I'm hoping to do things related to my crafting, apartment, fitness and weight loss. There might be some other things that pop up as well. 

I'm not really sure where this will lead, but it's something I'm working on. 

Crochet Works in Progress

While I was searching for a new job, I put myself on a bit of a crochet hiatus. I wanted to focus most of my time in the evenings on finding a new job. Now that I have a new job and a new apartment, it’s time to start to crochet again. 

I have one main work in progress – the blanket I’m making for my niece Marley. I should be able to finish it by her 1st birthday party at the beginning of September. 

Other projects that I need to do: 
a) Wedding blanket for Jake and Shaylene Checketts 
b) Anniversary / You’re Awesome blanket for Ann and Paul Checketts 
c) Wedding blanket for Duncan and Deirdre Shaw 
d) Wedding blanket for Christina and Mike Harding 
e) Baby blanket for Gideon Sharp 
f) Baby blanket Abby Harding 
g) Wedding blanket for James and Jennifer Hodgins 
h) Baby blanket for Victoria Hodgins 
i) Baby blanket for Mackenzie Checketts 

Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do. For a lot of these projects, I’ve already bought the yarn and its just time to get them started. 

Addendum: Even though they’ve been married for forever, one of these days I need to make a blanket for my sister Liz and her husband Brad, and I also need to make something for my two nephews – Brett and Brendan — who were born before the crochet bug hit.