Under The Dome by Stephen King — a review

Late last night I finished Under the Dome (affiliate) by Stephen King. The basic plot is that a small town in Maine is cut off from the rest of the world when a dome suddenly appears. While there is some limited communication with the outside world, no one can leave and no one can enter. (The origins of the dome are revealed about half way through, and I won’t spoil it.) 

Stephen King does his best work when he’s examining the best and worst in people, and Under the Dome is all about what happens when people are under extreme amounts of stress. Sure, there’s a little bit of creepy supernatural things happening with the origins of The Dome, but the real story is about the people — small town politics, how an “outsider” is treated, people’s biases coming out, etc. 
If you liked The Stand, you’ll like Under the Dome. I also thought a lot about Misery when reading it. 
My only real complaint about Under the Dome was its size, and not that I felt that anything needed to be cut but the book was large that it was hard to read at times. If I owned a Kindle or an iPad, this would have been a perfect book to read on an eReader. 


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