Pain assessment

Most nights while laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I often find myself doing a bit of a pain assessment. Sometimes its more of a conscious thing as there might be some nagging pain preventing me from falling asleep.

For the most part, during the day, I try to ignore my pain unless its something that’s really screaming out for attention. During the day, I can distract myself with my computer, crafts, work, tv, driving, cooking, eating, etc. But, especially with my new apartment and the choices I’ve made to keep my bedroom TV and computer free, that’s harder to do.

I often take an inventory — how do my legs feel (especially my knees), how swollen and tight are my calves? How does my low back feel? Does it hurt to lay on my back? Either side hurting more than the other? How are my shoulders feeling? Especially on a day where I’ve done a bunch of crochet, my shoulder blades could be mildly irritated all the way up to crazy bad pain. How about my neck? And, do I have a headache? If so, what kind and how bad is it?

It’s at night when I feel the most vulnerable to the aches and pains. It’s the time of day where I feel like the pain is more in control over my body and my life than I am.

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