Month: September 2010

Surviving August with no Drive Throughs

Ever since my last knee surgery in spring of 2008, my eating habits have been atrocious. I'm not a super picky eater, but I'm a creature of habit. And, my worst habit the past 2.5 years has been eating fast food and picking up that fast food largely via drive through restaurants. It was not uncommon for me to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out of fast food bags. 

One of my big goals when moving was to drastically reduce fast food consumption and, more specifically, eliminate the drive throughs from my life for awhile. 

I made it through the entire month of August without going through a drive through. It's been made easier because with my current job and my new apartment, I don't actually pass by any drive throughs on my way too and from work. The few mornings it was really tough was when I had to go to San Francisco in the morning. It would have made my day much easier to pick up breakfast on my way. The only real "fast food" I had during the month were a few trips to Togos, the Nob Hill deli and Una Mas. 

I haven't decided yet what my goal for September is going to be. I'd like for it to be to increase my workouts, but I'm not sure my back will cooperate with that plan. 

I’m not doing the pee-pee dance, my back hurts

My back is in a full flare again. It got better when I was on my leave of absence. But, then I moved and changed jobs and still don't have an office chair that is the right height, width, seat depth, etc.

When I'm sitting, my pain is manageable. When I'm walking, my pain is okay. However, if I'm standing still, the pain shooting from my low back and down my leg is crazy, crazy bad.

Unfortunately, I work in an office where almost everything gets accomplished by brief meetings over cubicle walls and I'm still very much in the "getting to know you" phase of things.

I realized when talking with someone last week that my movements were very similar to a kid doing the "pee-pee dance". Really, that's not the case. My bladder is (mostly) fine. I'm just trying not to fall over and scream from the pain in my back.