Month: May 2011

I Want to Be a Different Person at 40

A couple of weeks ago I turned 38. I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions, but my birthdays always tend to make me a bit reflective. In two years, I will be 40 and I want to try and make my life better between now and May 2013.

My new chiropractor has this whole “100 year lifestyle” thing going, and one of the things that I realized is that I really have no desire to live until I’m 100. At least, I don’t want to live to be 100 with the life that I have right now.

Thirteen years ago, I moved back to California largely because while I had a great place to live, a good job, was paying off bills and generally doing okay, I felt an emptiness in my life and I wanted to be closer to friends and family. I’m feeling very similar things to my life right now. I like my apartment – even though I hate how much I pay for it every month; I really like my job and the people that I work with; and overall I feel very content. However, I feel very alone and adrift.

I don’t know all the steps that are next in my life. I have a few things that I’m starting to put in motion, but I don’t know where they are going to end up. I figure I have 24 months to make it happen and be a better person at 40.