Tonight Was “Epic”

  1. I got to see the tail end of a sunset over the Pacific. I don’t know why I don’t drive over to Half Moon Bay more often. I feel so centered that close to the ocean.
  2. I got to drive on windy roads. I love them. I feel so anxious when driving, especially at night. But, I get such a rush afterwards.
  3. I got to attend an amazing event with some amazing people, which I’ll explain below.
I first met Stacey Monk online a few years ago. I can’t remember which online fundraiser I was a part of, but it connected me with Stacey, Sanjay, Epic Change and the awesome Shepherd’s Jr. School. Since then, I’ve attended a couple of in person fundraisers, donate a bunch of money online, help build a website for Shepherd’s Jr. and a bunch of other projects.  Tonight, I got to meet not only Stacey and Sanjay in person, but I also go to meet Mama Lucy (an amazing lady!) and two of the students (Leah and Gideon) from Shepherd’s Jr who are here visiting the states and speaking at various events. It was such a great night, and I’m so excited to continue to be a part of the work Epic Change is doing.

One comment

  1. Sue, it was such a great time to meet you in person! You’ve been always there for us doing amazing job. Thanks SO much for your continuing support. We feel so much blessed to have people like you on our path. So much love,

    Mama Lucy

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