Month: April 2012

Details about the big move & job change

Now that everything is in motion and “signed, sealed and delivered”, I figured it was finally time to share the details about my big move and job change. 

First, why am I moving? Four or five years ago, I started to feel like California was no longer the place for me. I moved back to California from Maryland in 1998, and it was absolutely the right decision. But, over the years friends and family have moved away, cost of living has continued to climb and the Bay Area no longer felt like home in the way it once had. My first thoughts were that I was meant to move to Utah and the Salt Lake City area. The Checketts live in Utah, one of my nephews lives in Utah with his wife and sons, and lots of friends from the Bay Area live in Utah.

However, as much as Utah was a good choice, it just never felt like the right choice and nothing was coming together. I had interviewed for a couple of jobs and talked to a few recruiters, but nothing came together. While I was interviewing, the job at Care2 happened and I decided to stick it out in California. 

About a year ago, I seriously began to entertain the thought of moving to the Nashville area. My younger sister, Liz, lives north of Nashville and I had visited and really enjoyed being out there. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I started interviewing at a couple of places, but I was being extremely picky. I really wanted to stay in the social entrepreneurship or nonprofit industry and do online marketing full-time. There aren’t a whole lot of job openings like that in Nashville, so things were moving slowly. 

A few months ago, I decided to make a trip to Nashville to meet with recruiters. I also sent a message out to a bunch of friends to let them know that I wanted to move to Nashville and to see if they could make some introductions. Beth Kanter did an awesome thing and sent an email to Jason Falls, who it turned out was holding his Social Media Explore conference at the same time I was going to be in Nashville. It was really, really awesome timing. 

While the trip to Nashville for late April was in the works, I got an email from Sean Powell — who runs The Engage Group. He was looking to add some people to his team and wanted to see if I knew anyone. I broached the topic of me joining The Engage Group, but working from Nashville (their office is in Maryland). He was open to the idea, so things started rolling. The great news was that he was going to be in San Francisco for the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference, so I was able to meet with him and Debbie — another member of The Engage Group team. 

My April was a bit crazy. It started down in Los Angeles with a big PR event for Care2 and then I was back up in the Bay Area and spent a couple of days at the Nonprofit Technology Conference. I was pretty confident after my conversations with the folks from The Engage Group that I was going to get a job offer, which changed my trip to Nashville. Instead of job hunting, I spent most of my free time in Nashville apartment hunting and spending time with my sister and her family. While in Nashville, I had a great time at the Social Media Explorer conference and also found an awesome apartment. 

The day after I got back from Nashville, I got the call I had been waiting for and an offer from The Engage Group. I’m going to be an Account Manager and working with awesome nonprofits on their online fundraising, email marketing and other online marketing efforts. 

Things have moved pretty quickly since then. My schedule over the next few weeks: 

  • May 4th: Last day at Care2 
  • May 7th: The movers are coming to pick up my stuff 
  • May 14th: I need to be in Goodlettsville to sign the lease and pick up my apartment keys 
  • Week of May 14th: My stuff is going to be delivered 
  • May 21st: I’ll be in Columbia, Maryland to start the job with The Engage Group 

I’m super excited for the new job. I’m uber excited to be moving to Tennessee. And, I’m really looking forward to the future.