Month: November 2012

Give Thanks for Books! Help Shepherds Junior School Fill a Library

Growing up, I was a huge reader. It used to drive my mother a little bonkers because I would read anything & everything that happened to be put in front of me — books, magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes, other packaging. It really didn’t matter. I was even one of those nerdy kids that would read encyclopedias.

When I was old enough to ride my bike on my own outside of our neighborhood, I spent almost every summer day riding my bike to the library and hanging out there for hours reading. I would sometimes hide the book I was reading on the wrong shelf so that it would still be there when I came back the next day. When I was a teenager, a friend of the family started lending me books from her library and she was always surprised when I would read them so quickly.

We were never wealthy growing up, but I always had access to as many books as I could read.

The past couple of years, I’ve been very excited to support Epic Change & their project at Shepherds Junior School. Mama Lucy and the folks at Shepherds Junior recently opened a new secondary school. Last year, I was super blessed to meet two of the new students at the Secondary School. Gideon and Leah are awesome examples of this wonderful school. You can learn more about the school and about Leah by watching this great video.

For Epic Thanks, one of the projects that the secondary school is trying to fill a new library. Each book is a huge gift for the students and will be a treasured item for years to come. I’ve pledged to help raise $1000 to build the library and you can help. Click on this link and use Paypal to donate to a great cause. You’ll make me and lots of kids in Tanzania very happy — and very thankful.