52&7 Challenge Update – Week 1

Last week, I started Jon Acuff’s 52&7 challenge

The basics: set of series of goals, work on them for 52 days and at the end of the 52 days reevaluate the goals and decide what’s working and what’s not working. You get to do this 7 times throughout the year. I don’t know if I’ll do updates every week, but I thought it would be worthwhile to do one for this first week.

Pay at least $1000 extra towards debt.
(In progress … update at the end of the 52 days)

Spend time each day looking for ways to declutter and give away unused items
(Did this a majority of the days this week, and on days that I didn’t do it I thought about what I wanted to give away. Have already set aside $150+ worth of items to donate)

Bike – minimum 30 minutes per work day in home office
(Accomplished this on Wednesday, Thursday & Monday, Tuesday
Missed it on Friday)

Workout at gym twice a week
(Not so great at this one this week, but I did sign up for a new gym membership and also signed a contract to do personal training 3 times a week.)

Leave apartment 4 days out of the week
(Didn’t do so well at this one this week. I did go out on Friday to a Dr’s appointment and then to run some errands. I meant to go out again over the weekend, but it didn’t happen. Part of my challenge is that this conflicts with my desire to save money and pay down debt. I did go out on Tuesday, so I get 50% on this.)

Find 1 way to connect with crochet community in Nashville
(In progress …)

Read at least two books per week (1 of ever 5 should be non-fiction)
(Stuck in the middle of one book right now. I did find a two CS Lewis books that I’ve wanted to read. I think these fall somewhere in the gray area between fiction / non-fiction for me.)

Write at least 500 words per week not related to blogging

Attend at least 2 networking events per month (4 total for 52 day challenge)
(In progress)

Publish 10 blog posts per week (at least one on company blog)
(Successfully did the 10 blog posts; however, did not get one up on the company blog.)

Read one book related to spirituality (to be determined)
(In progress)

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