Month: February 2013

Start Book Launch Workshop – #startbook – February 8, 2013

  1. If you took the time to write a book, don’t be afraid to sell it. #startbook
  2. Your marketing needs to be as wide of a net as possible to capture as many people as you can. #startbook
  3. If you’re going to be an author and want to get published, you have to be willing to take criticism #startbook
  4. Write what you’re passionate about, even if no one ever reads it. #startbook
  5. Learning so much today from @JonAcuff! #StartBook #Invaluable
  6. Thank you @jonacuff for sharing what you have learned over the years. #startbook
  7. On social, take one piece of content and use it 5 different ways. @jonacuff #startbook
  8. On Twitter, be very deliberate about your “promo” vs “content” ratio. @jonacuff #startbook
  9. It’s not about the content you create, it’s about the content other people create about the content you create. @jonacuff #startbook
  10. The worst time to leverage social media is when you are desperate. @jonacuff #startbook
  11. Worst time to leverage social is when you’re desperate for it. @jonacuff #startbook
  12. Most of us want to build our community, but the first thing you have to do is be part of a community. @jonacuff #startbook

Great moments from tonight’s launch of Start – #StartBook

Back in the fall, after a few months as a Dave Ramsey devotee, I started hearing about this guy Jon Acuff who had written a book called Quitter. I’ve yet to actually read Quitter, but I became a huge fan of Jon’s blog and his point of view.

A few weeks ago, I received an invite to be part of the Launch team to help launch Jon’s new book Start. (affiliate link) I immediately said yes. I had already bought tickets to the Start launch event, and this was just an extra way to get involved.

The Start event was earlier this evening, and it was amazing! I’ve captured many of my tweets over in a Storify post, but I also wanted to put a quick post up about the event.

First, the thing that the tweets can’t convey is how funny Jon Acuff is and how great he is on stage. I’ve seen some of his clips, but never seen a full event and it was amazing. He comes from a very Christian background, and it is so refreshing to have someone be funny and talk about great business ideas without needing to swear and be vulgar. I thought the opening of both the first and the second “acts” were slightly contrived and a bit “precious”, but the almost two hours he spent center stage made up for any of that.

There were really two items that *really* resonated with me the most:

  • Don’t compare your beginnings with someone else’s middle. I do this *so much* with my blogging and other writing. I want to be seen as a “thought leader” and compare myself to others in the space — especially people that are blogging full-time. I need to set my goals instead of comparing myself to others.
  • You have to leave your voices behind. Jon gave a 3-step plan for combating fear (aka the voices in our head): write them down, refute them, and share them with others. I spend a good part of my life feeding the voices in my head. Many were started in childhood and others have been introduced over the years. I need to start combating them one by one.

Jon is announcing on Monday where the Start tour is headed next, and if it comes to your area, it’s definitely worth it to go. I would also highly recommend getting the his new book Start. (affiliate link) It’s available for pre-order now and will be out April 22.


Start Book Launch #StartBook – February 7, 2013

  1. Tonight was amazing! So proud of my boy @jonacuff! My thumbs WORKED! #StartBook #WideAwake
  2. New background for my phone. #startbook #punchfearintheface
  3. At Pucketts after party with @jonacuff #startbook #doworkthatmatters
  4. Critics math: 1 insult 1000 compliments= 1 insult . #JonAcuff #StartBook.
  5. daveramsey closing the night after @jonacuff’s amazing talk on his new book #startbook! You need to get…
  6. It’s not about when you’re born, but when you decide to live. @JonAcuff #StartBook
  7. You’ve got to be wildly realistic about your present circumstances & wildly unrealistic about your future circumstances @jonacuff #startbook
  8. Made it down to Franklin and working from Starbucks before #StartBook event 🙂
  9. Pre-orders for @JonAcuff‘s future bestseller #Startbook have launched! Watch this Then order here:
  10. Got to meet @jonacuff before leaving the after-party … Super excited to read #startbook
  11. World change always starts with 1 person changing their life @jonacuff #startbook
  12. “@sue_anne: Resist the temptation to compare @jonacuff #startbook” I love his quote about not comparing your beginning to others’ middle
  13. Guides have to share their failures — they make you relateable @jonacuff #startbook
  14. We start to have conversations in our head that we don’t need guides or don’t need to guide others @jonacuff #startbook
  15. Give each other time to dream together and support each other’s dreams @jonacuff #startbook
  16. The worst place you can put your spouse is the opposite side of your dream @jonacuff #startbook