Start Book Launch #StartBook – February 7, 2013

  1. Tonight was amazing! So proud of my boy @jonacuff! My thumbs WORKED! #StartBook #WideAwake
  2. New background for my phone. #startbook #punchfearintheface
  3. At Pucketts after party with @jonacuff #startbook #doworkthatmatters
  4. Critics math: 1 insult 1000 compliments= 1 insult . #JonAcuff #StartBook.
  5. daveramsey closing the night after @jonacuff’s amazing talk on his new book #startbook! You need to get…
  6. It’s not about when you’re born, but when you decide to live. @JonAcuff #StartBook
  7. You’ve got to be wildly realistic about your present circumstances & wildly unrealistic about your future circumstances @jonacuff #startbook
  8. Made it down to Franklin and working from Starbucks before #StartBook event 🙂
  9. Pre-orders for @JonAcuff‘s future bestseller #Startbook have launched! Watch this Then order here:
  10. Got to meet @jonacuff before leaving the after-party … Super excited to read #startbook
  11. World change always starts with 1 person changing their life @jonacuff #startbook
  12. “@sue_anne: Resist the temptation to compare @jonacuff #startbook” I love his quote about not comparing your beginning to others’ middle
  13. Guides have to share their failures — they make you relateable @jonacuff #startbook
  14. We start to have conversations in our head that we don’t need guides or don’t need to guide others @jonacuff #startbook
  15. Give each other time to dream together and support each other’s dreams @jonacuff #startbook
  16. The worst place you can put your spouse is the opposite side of your dream @jonacuff #startbook

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