The Drive-Thru Dilemma

Back in July, 2010 when I moved to the Redwood Shores area of Redwood City and started at Care2, I set a goal to give up drive-thrus for a month. While working at my previous job, I was in the very bad habit of eating via the drive-thru for almost all my meals. On a regular week-day, I was at a drive-thru window at least twice and sometimes more.

My drive-thru habit was a combination of factors — there were several fast food restaurants close to my office, which made them very convenient; my kitchen in my studio apartment was very hard to cook in; and I was being lazy.

My one exception to my drive-thru rule was Sonic. It was easy to have Sonic as my “cheat” because the closest Sonic was more than 10 miles away. The only time I was going to be near a drive-thru would be on a road trip of one sort or another.

My drive-thru fast worked out great. One month turned into two and then it was a year and then 18 months. I went on several road trips and even stopping at Sonic wasn’t tempting. I even drove cross-country from California to Tennessee and looked forward to getting out of my car and stopping to eat.

Moving to Tennesse screwed up my plans to have Sonic as a cheat. There are four Sonic locations within five miles of my apartment. Even though I have become a regular customer, I still had successfully avoided other drive-thru restaurants until a couple of months ago. My food craving brain decided I needed Taco Bell one night. Since I broke my ankle, I have also used the convenience of other drive-thrus to eat. I will add that almost everything has a drive-thru in Tennessee — Starbucks, Panera, some Sonic locations, other chain restaurants.

I’m now trying to decide whether once my ankle gets healthy if it’s worthy going on another drive-thru fast.

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