Where to Live? Nashville, Clarksville, Hendersonville or somewhere in between?

Last year, when I came out to Tennessee to visit and knew that it was probably that I was going to be moving here, I visited a bunch of apartments and eventually decided to live in Goodlettsville. I enjoy the surburban feel of Goodlettsville and its proximity to Nashville. It was less than an hour away from Clarksville, and that seemed okay at the time.

There were a couple of reasons why I wanted to live closer to Nashville vs. living in Clarksville:

  • I originally thought I was going to need to be in Maryland on average once a month, and I wanted to be closer to the airport. 
  • I wanted to be closer to Nashville and be able to be involved in networking activities, especially with other nonprofits
  • My sister and I have never lived super close to each other during our adult lives (I left home for college when she was 13), and I didn’t want to feel like I was crowding her

Since I moved her, some things have changed:

  • Work has decided that they only need to see me once a quarter at the most. At least a couple of those trips will be driven, so airport proximity is not important. 
  • The trip from Clarksville to Nashville is not that much longer (maybe 15-20 minutes) compared to the trip from Goodlettsville to Nashville.
  • My sister and I have been getting along pretty well and the most fun I’ve had since I’ve moved has been time that I’ve spent up in Clarksville with her and the boys. Doing Halloween crafts with my nephews was awesome, and I really like going to as many of the boys’ sporting events as I can.

My broken ankle has proven that my apartment is not really functional long-term, so I’m probably going to be moving sooner vs. later. I have to make a decision next month how long to re-up my lease. I’m not planning on moving in May — I have too much going on in my life the next couple of months to make that happen, but I’m seriously thinking about moving sometime late summer or this fall.

Now I just have to decide where to focus my search.

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