On My Way to the Misfit Conference

Back in January, AJ Leon sent out a message to some folks about a conference he was planning on putting together called the “Misfit Conference.” By his description, I immediately knew that I wanted to go. I also knew that it wasn’t necessarily something I could ask work to cover my expenses on.

I decided it was worth it to make it happen and told AJ & Melissa that I was in. I’ve spent the past 24 hours on a train headed to Fargo, North Dakota.

I decided to take the train for a couple of reasons. A) It’s a very Misfit way to travel. B) I wanted some thinking time, but I didn’t feel like driving. C) There were no direct flights between Nashville & Fargo. I hate flying, but I really hate flying & having to transfer planes.

You would think that Amtrak has some sort of presence in the Nashville, Tennessee area, right? You would be wrong. The closest train station to Nashville is over 2 hours away. (Also, I forget living in the suburb hamlet of Goodlettsville that I now live in “the South”. That was unmistakable in Newbern. In addition to living in the “south”, I’m frequently reminded why some of California’s laws and regulations regarding things like cleanliness are public restrooms are good things. I went to the restroom in two of the strangest restrooms I’ve seen in the United States.

I’m now about 3.5 hours away from reaching Fargo. I’m hoping that the Radisson folks will have pity on me and allow me to check in to my hotel room early, so I can get a few hours of sleep before things kick off with the Misfits.

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