Proud to be a Misfit

Greg from Fargo

I’ve just spent the past two days at the most amazing conference organized by AJ & Melissa Leon. I first met AJ & Melissa nearly 5 years ago, when they were just starting out on their Misfit journey. I’m so happy that I was able to be part of this inaugural Misfit Conference with them.

This is one of those events where there are almost too many takeaways. Each speaker was amazing, and I have pages of notes to process as the days, weeks & months go on.

My goal for coming out to Fargo, North Dakota and attending #MisfitConf was to be inspired — to be more fearless, to be a better writer, to take more risks, to put my thoughts and stories out there and not care what everyone else thinks. I got that and so much more.

There wasn’t a lot of tweeting happening, because AJ had implemented a no laptop / tablet / staring at your smartphone rule. There were some tweets that made it on to the Internet, and you can see them here. You can also see some of the awesome Instagram photos people took of the event.

These are the top takeaways from the event — although there is *so much more* floating around my head (and heart) that it was difficult to even narrow it down to these:

  • Clay Herbert – “What gatekeeper is keeping you from shipping?” For me, that gatekeeper is internal and not external.
  • Pam Slim – “You don’t always need to know the outcome.”
  • Srini Rao – “The more you polish something, the more it loses the shine from within.”
  • Srini Rao – “Be the final authority on your life.”
  • Justin Levy – Pursue your ideas & passion with obsession. Don’t let the cards you’ve been dealt in your life dictate your decisions.
  • Victor Saad – Hope. Risk. Learn. => HOPE
  • Victor Saad – Education should be about finding out what is wrong in the world and HOW YOU FIT INTO MAKING IT BETTER
  • Joshua Fields Millburn – Don’t confuse passion with excitement
  • Joshua Fields Millburn – Hold on to the things that add value to your life & ditch the rest — re-evaluate this on a regular basis
  • David Baeza – Don’t try to compete. Research your competition and find where you can add unique value.
  • Rachel – The gut feeling is your destiny.
  • Rachel – You already know what your destiny is and you have everything you need to start!
  • AJ Leon – Everything from tomorrow on is unwritten.
  • Greg Hartle – opportunityisnowhere
  • Greg Hartle  – If you don’t let go of the old and of the past, nothing new can begin.

My hope is that #misfitconf and the community of misfits will be a touchpoint for me moving forward.

It is wonderful how things turn out. Years ago, I heard about a guy named Chris Brogan and that he was holding a conference in San Francisco called New Marketing Labs Inbound Summit. I had been following Chris for awhile and actually paid for the Indbound Summit out of my pocket. I was on a quest for power to charge my laptop and wound up at the same table as AJ & Melissa Leon. We had a couple of great conversations that day and they became part of my inner circle. These past few days are an extension of that, and I’m so proud to be a Misfit.


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