The People of #MisfitConf

In my post yesterday about the amazing content at #MisfitConf, I really only told half the story. The other half of the story is the amazing community that AJ & Melissa brought together in Fargo, North Dakota.

To be honest, trying to figure out who to talk about in this post was almost harder than putting together a short list of content highlights. Here are a small handful of the fantastic people I met this week.

  • Israel Smith had quite a journey to make it to MisfitConf, but I think all of us that met him were glad he made the trek. He’s a photographer from Australia and takes beautiful photos.
  • I sat on a couch with Patrick Strahan and his wife. Patrick is a blacksmith artist and makes some really cool stuff.
  • Victor Saad spent a year traveling around the world doing 12 one-month apprenticeships. Along the way, he encouraged others to take their own “leaps” and start something new. He put all the experiences together in a beautiful book.
  • Rose Choules is a shoemaker from England, who makes these wonderful handcrafted moccasins. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve really wanted a pair of shoes that weren’t my boots.
  • Marcella (and her husband Juan Jose) are from Nicaragua. Juan Jose is in farming and construction and Marcella works with companies and helps them with their marketing.
  • If you ever wanted to meet anyone who loved their town and their community, that would be Greg from Fargo. He was an awesome ambassador for Fargo to all of us misfits.
  • Nelson De Witt has an amazing story that he’s currently trying to tell via a documentary. We got to see the first 8 minutes and hear more of his story.

Those are just seven of the nearly 50 talented, funny, generous, awesome, brilliant people that came together for #MisfitConf. (I already mentioned my love for AJ & Melissa in my post yesterday. We wouldn’t have been there without them.)


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