Dealing with chronic pain

Balancing Spoons by Gert Lavsen (lavsen)) on
Balancing Spoons by Gert Lavsen

One of the toughest parts about my day-to-day life is the chronic pain. I’ve been able to develop a fairly healthy attitude about it and not let myself get too down, but it makes situations pretty tough.

For example, today I’m trying to unpack after recently moving in to a new townhouse. However, I’m battling a few things that is making the packing slow work — a very painful left wrist, a cranky back, a right ankle that is still not fully healed from when it broke in February and my bad knees.

I have to balance every activity with rest.

I have to make sure not to put myself in situations that I can’t get out of of (like long walks where I then have to walk back to where I started).

I have to be careful about what I commit to do because I’m afraid that I might have to cancel.

I have to pay for things like weekly chiropractor visits just to keep my pain in check.

I choose not to take anything stronger than Advil.

I choose to live as positively as I can.

I choose to sacrifice other things I could be spending money on to pay for my medical bills.

If you’re wondering about the spoons, read this.

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