An ode to my car at 100,000 miles

I bought my first adult car when I was living in Maryland. It was a Honda Civic hatchback, and it was a “new to me” car with 55k miles on it. Once the “new to me” car smell wore off, it was obvious that the person that owned the car previous to me chain smoked — in addition to other bad habits. Over the years of owning the car, I found cigarettes in the most random of places.

The trusty Honda Civic served me very well for several years — it even survived a cross-country road trip towing a Uhaul trailer.

In November of 2002, I received a gift from my grandfather before he passed away and used a majority of that gift to put a down payment on a new Honda CR-V. I don’t recommend buying a new car, especially since it loses so much of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot, but it is nice to do at least once in your life. The CR-V had 5 miles on the speedometer as my friend Christina and I left to take it on its first road trip.

In 10.5 years, I’ve driving just over 100,000 miles in the Honda. It took me from the Bay Area to Oregon twice, the Bay Area to Salt Lake City at least 10 times, a couple different trips down to Southern California from Northern California, one trip from the Bay Area to Las Vegas, a cross-country move from California to Tennessee, and now several trips between Tennessee and Maryland for work.

I really like this Honda CR-V. It’s bigger than a sedan but not a big SUV. It holds my wheelchair when I need it to, although having to put the wheelchair in the back and then try to get up to the driver’s seat isn’t all that convenient.

My next car will most likely be a mini-van of some sort — mostly because of the ability to get a wheelchair in and out. Although, I’ve been looking at the Ford Transit coming in 2014 and I like that car a lot — especially if it has all the bells and whistles of the newer Fords.


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