What do you see?

Quick. Before reading the rest of this post, what do you read when you look at the picture to the right (or the wording below)?


I will admit that when Greg Hartle originally put this up on the screen at the #misfitconf, I read “Opportunity is Nowhere” and thought he was going to talk about something completely different than what he did.

After his very amazing presentation, I realized that what this slide says is “Opportunity is Now Here”.

In some ways, this is like the classic optimist / pessimist test with the half-filled glass of water. Do you see the glass half full or half empty and what does it say about you?

However, it’s more than that, too. The true entrepreneurs of the world aren’t sitting around and waiting for the world to come to them. Instead, they are seeing that the opportunities are everywhere and you just have to be willing to build the right product to go out there and get them.

I was just looking through my notes from the #misfitconf and so grateful for Greg and what he had to say. Greg is someone that has struggled with health issues in the past and had to have a kidney transplant. He inspired me to remember that my health issues don’t hold me back. There are opportunities out there for me to capitalize on — even from my couch on my “bad” days. I just need to be willing to work hard and be open to the opportunities that are waiting for me.



  1. I also read “Opportunity is Nowhere,” and I just showed it to my friend Joel, and he saw the same. It was only after Greg pointed it out that I was able to see the positive message.

    ❤ you and can't wait to see the rest of the July project! You are so brave to be doing this, and I am very proud of you.

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