What’s in a name …

I was born Sue Anne Phillips in 1973. At the time, my mom’s name was JoAnne Wishard and even though she and my father weren’t married, they gave me his last name.

When I was 3 in 1976 and my mom married my step-dad, I was legally adopted and my name was changed to Sue Anne Reed.

When I was younger, everyone knew me as Sue. When we moved to Modesto at age 16, people started calling me Sue Anne and it kind of stuck. When I went to college, I was used to be called Sue Anne and that’s how I introduced myself.

After all that happened with my step-dad, I seriously considered changing my last name. I debated legally changing my name back to Sue Anne Phillips. I also considered taking my grandfather’s last name and changing my name to Sue Anne Berryman. I also thought of a couple of other options. Eventually, I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of dealing with all the legal paperwork.

I figured at the time that I would eventually be getting married and the name change would happen once I got married. When I was living in California, my last name wasn’t that big of a deal.

Since living in Tennessee the past year, I’ve been called Miss Reed or Ms. Reed more times than in the past 14 years of living in California. Being called Ms. Reed so many times has made me wonder about changing my name again.

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