What do you do to relax?

2013-07-16 19.45.55One of the things I struggle with is finding ways to relax — especially after difficult days like Friday. I have a hard time turning off “work brain” and letting myself have work / life balance. 

A big reason I moved to Tennessee is help create some of that balance. Yesterday, I was able to go to my nephew’s baseball game and mostly enjoy it. I was already in an anxious mood, and thankfully a lot of people showed up to cheer on the team. The crowd caused me to a bit more anxious and at one point mid-game, I had to go be off by myself for a bit. 

One of my other challenges yesterday is that I didn’t want to “eat my feelings”. I am a stress eater, and I didn’t want to compound my feelings of inadequacy from yesterday by “feeding it with food.” 

Doing crochet projects is usually something I find relaxing. Unfortunately right now with my wrist having troubles, I can’t crochet without major pain. My chiropractor is doing great things to help fix my wrist, so hopefully it will be better soon. 

One of the other things I really enjoy are long car drives and exploring new places. It’s not great for the environment, but it’s good for my brain. 

I need to find new things to add to my life to help me relax … 

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