What about a good book?

It’s funny how you aren’t able to see things literally until you write them down.

I wrote a post last night about how I’ve had a hard time finding things to do to help me relax.

Literally 15 minutes later, I walked into one of the rooms in my townhouse and saw a book that I bought at Christmas to read that I haven’t read past the introduction.

Growing up, I used to spend my life with a nose in a book. If something were written down, I was trying to read it. I would read the sides of cereal boxes at breakfast because they were there to read.

I used to check out multiple library books at a time. There was one summer where I spent nearly every day at the library reading books because I had lost my library card. I used to hide books on the wrong shelves so they would be there the next day when I got back.

I think in addition to the other daily goals and tasks that I’ve set to do, I need to add some daily leisure reading to the list.


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