Dealing with my “other” medical issues

Perserverance by Katee Goldman on
Perseverance by Katee Goldman

There are days when my chronic pain is really bad, and then there are days when some of my “other” medical issues crop up and are more inconvenient than the chronic pain.

It’s interesting that some people understand the pain, but it’s harder for people to understand how some of the other issues impact life.

For example, for the past 36 hours or so I’ve had crazy bad acid reflux (aka heartburn). This literally makes my life miserable. I feel horrible. Anything I eat or drink is tainted by the bad taste in my mouth. There are very few things things that make it better. No matter how much I brush my teeth, the taste doesn’t go away.

The same disease that causes most of my chronic pain also causes the a lot of the other health issues I experience – especially the gastrointestinal distress. They are all a malfunctioning of collagen and the soft tissue.

I’ve tried things to help get rid of some of these symptoms. Unfortunately, many of the things that help one issue exacerbate other issues. There are great medicines on the market to help with acid reflux, but a side effect of many of them are other issues my body can’t handle.

I find that the most important thing to deal with all of this, like dealing with the pain, is perseverance and just getting through day by day.

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