Why I love sports

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about some of my favorite things. I mentioned sports in there.

Sue & Liz - SoccerOne thing I failed to mention — that my friend Duncan pointed out — was my absolute love for highlight reels like “One Shining Moment” and others. I’m a total sucker for those, especially ones narrated by folks like Jim Nance or Bob Costas. It’s ridiculous how much I like those things. For the past several years since I’ve owned a DVR, I will record “One Shining Moment” and watch it at least 5-10 times just in that first night after the Final Four is over.

I will add to be clear that even though I like Jennifer Hudson, I prefer the Luther Vandross that started airing about 10 years ago. The biggest problem I had with the version they did a couple of years ago was there were too many clips of Jennifer in the video. It should be all about the tournament — players, coaches, fans, mascots, etc.

Given my complete lack of athletic ability, I’m not sure where this love of sports comes from — especially the sports I love to watch the most.

I’ve spent the past couple of days watching as much of the Crossfit Games online as possible. While my sister loves Crossfit, I will never be able to do even a small percentage of the things these people do. But, I love watching it.

One other oddity about my love of sports is that I have very few favorites — in fact, I prefer watching sports where I don’t have a favorite participating in the event. When I have a team or someone I like participating, I can get a bit anxious and that takes away almost all the enjoyment of it for me.

I enjoy watching people push themselves to their mental and physical limits. I continue to hope that one of these days I’ll be able to find the right combination of personal training / physical therapy that will allow me to make and meet some goals.

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