What inspires you?

Today as part of the Start Experiment (#startexp), Jon Acuff asked all of us to post about what songs inspire us. I’ve posted a link to this song before, but one of my “get off your butt” songs lately is definitely Kelly Clarkson’s People Like UsI think it’s amazing. Really, most of Kelly Clarkson’s songs are songs that encourage me to “get off my butt”.

I go in phases with music. There are times that I prefer music to anything else and then there are times where my radio spends more time on NPR and I don’t play much music in my house … it just depends.

I do love a good show tune, much to my nephew’s chagrin when I get to choose the playlist for unpacking.

With the #misfitconf, #goodmisfit and #startexp, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect about what inspires me and what I need to inspire me to do even more.

The biggest thing is getting rid of the inner critic in my head. The one that was planted there a long time ago after years of people told that I was worthless and was never any good.

The inner critic is especially strong in two areas of my life — my writing and my personal fitness.

With my writing, I have a hard time believing anyone is ever going to read or care about what I have to say. It’s one of the reasons for the #julyproject, I’m barely looking at my stats for the blog. I don’t care how many shares a post get or how many people see it. I’m mildly interested by the number of people that follow the blog, but I’m not worried about individual posts. I’m trying to write and put my thoughts out there and worry about “audience” later. I especially don’t want to compare how my writing stacks up against other people’s writings.

With my personal fitness, my inner critic is constantly fueling my desire to be lazy. “You have so much weight to lose, it’s never going to happen.” “You’ve never been successful with exercise before, so why start now.” “You’re just going to hurt yourself, so there’s no point.” “No one wants to see someone like you at their gym.” My goal once I get back from this business trip I’m taking this next week is to start pushing through some of those messages.


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