Maybe I need to follow my nephews’ lead

Several months ago, my sister asked for my netflix username and password so she could watch a documentary that was available via streaming.

Since then, her family has used my netflix account occasionally. One of Netflix features, especially for streaming, is that it shows you what shows you’ve recently watched and then gives you recommendations for shows you might also like.

My nephews’ viewing habits have totally disrupted the algorithm that Netflix uses. I watch shows like British crime dramas, Masterpiece Theatre, Grey’s Anatomy, PBS shows produced by Ken Burns, documentaries about the Civil War or World War II, etc. My nephews watch things like Borat, Nacho Libre, How I Met Your Mother, horror movies, etc.

I always find it fun when I log in and they’ve watched something and it’s completely disrupted the Netflix recommendations.

Sometimes I see the shows they watch and compare them to what I’ve watched and chuckle.

The other day I was thinking that maybe I need to follow my nephews’ lead and add a little more “fun” and comedy in to my netflix viewing.

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