Seeking moments of clarity

Open road by Kai Süselbeck on
Open road by 
Kai Süselbeck

There are times when I’m driving on one of my long road trips, and I realize that I’ve been driving for quite awhile with no sound other than the road.

At these moments, I tend to have my most important moments of clarity.

I tend to usually have a lot of noise in my life. For example, right now I the TV in my hotel room is on, I’m typing on my laptop and my phone is right next to me — occasionally beeping with new notifications.

I don’t know why it takes me going on these trips to find moments of quiet, but I’m glad I do have them once in awhile.

There were a few times when I was driving yesterday where these moments happened — mostly about money and some commitments I need to make to myself for my future.

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