Month: August 2013

My ancestors: Richard Berryman

Richard Berryman is my great, great grandfather. He is the father of Bevan Berryman and the grandfather of Richard E. Berryman. He was born February, 1835 in Ashwick, Somerset, England and died September 23, 1905.

What I know:

  • He was married twice — Hannah Holmes was his first wife and they had three children.
  • After the birth of his third child, Richard emigrated to the United States in 1872.
  • In 1890, he married Lizzie A. Pucket and they had one child – Bevan Berryman
  • He lived in the Chicago area his entire time in the United States
  • He worked as a shoemaker both in England and in the United States

My ancestors: Elizabeth Hopper

Elizabeth Hopper is my great, great grandmother. She was born in 1851 in Milton Next Gravesend, England and died August 27, 1911 in Dartford, Kent, England. She’s one of only two great, great grandparents who never lived in the United States.

What I know:

  • She married John Alfred Weatherley in 1874 and they had 10 children
  • She lived near Dartford, Kent most of her life

My ancestors: John Alfred Weatherley

John Alfred Weatherley is my great, great grandfather. He was married to Elizabeth Hopper and they had 10 children. He was born in 1851 in Dartford, England and died on October 16, 1915 in Dartford, Kent, England. I only have two great, great grandparents who never lived in the US — John and his wife Elizabeth.

What I know:

  • John Alfred always lived in Dartford, Kent, England
  • He worked as a gardener