My ancestors: Emma Mae Gibson

American_Legion_Drum_and_Bugle_CorpEmma Mae Gibson was born May 2, 1921 in Wisconsin. She spent most of her childhood in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin before moving to California in the 1940s. She married Richard Berryman and they had three children — JoAnne, Barbara and Gregg. She died on December 9, 1965.

One of my favorite things is an old suitcase I have that is filled with items that my grandmother kept over the years. After she died, my grandfather hung on to the suitcase and it made its way into my hands.

My grandmother was very active in the Wisconsin Rapids social community in the 1930s and was mentioned in the newspaper several times. She is also featured in a picture in a book “The 100 Years of Pictorial & Descriptive History of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin”. 

My grandfather loved taking photos and I have literally hundreds of photos of Emma Mae, including some doing very every day activities like ironing on vacation.

I’m grateful that even though I was never able to meet Emma Mae that I have so much information about her.


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