My ancestors: Jefferson Faulkner

Jefferson Faulkner is my great, great grandfather. He was born in 1837 in Tennessee and he died in 1903 in Muldrow, Oklahoma. He was married to Rebecca and they had 5 children.

What I know:

  • Jefferson was born in Tennessee.
  • Jefferson lived in Kentucky for most of his life. He lived in Indian Territory for awhile and lived in Oklahoma shortly before his death.

What I don’t know:

  • I know from census records and other documents that Jefferson was born in 1837 in Tennessee, but I don’t have any additional details other than that.
  • I know that he lived in Kentucky during the Civil War, but haven’t been able to find any specific records about his service. There is a very famous Jefferson Faulkner that was in the Civil War during that time that makes searching for a less-famous Jefferson Faulkner a bit difficult.
  • I’m trying to find where he’s buried.


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