All I Want for Christmas …


The day I turned 19 prepared me for the rest of my life and set up the expectations for all future birthdays and holidays.

For over a week, I had been checking my mailbox every day hoping for something … especially that awesome slip that said you had a package.

But nothing was there. No card. No package slip.

This was my first birthday away from home and no one had remembered it.

A few days after my birthday, I did get a card from my grandfather apologizing for being a few days late.

I don’t think I ever got anything from my mom for my birthday that year except for a half hearted apology.

That disappointing birthday started a trend that continues regarding Christmas and birthdays and my family. The one awesome exception has been my awesome sister Liz.

Seven or eight years ago, my sister bought me my favorite present I’ve ever received — an awesome tote bag that said Aunt Sue’s Bag and had pictures of all my nieces. I wore that bag out. Last year, my sister got me visors for my nephews’ sports teams so that I can wear them when I go to the boys’ games.

My other family has — for the most part — completely ignored me during the holidays and my birthdays.

And, I don’t want much. I’m a giver. I love to delight my nephews, nieces and others during the holidays. I would rather money be spent on the kids during the holidays. For my birthday, my two nephews made me cards. Those cards made me as happy as any expensive present.

I’m hoping through this Christmas season to find delight in all my relationships.

All I want for Christmas is peace. The peace that is talked about in Luke Chapter 2. I want to spend the holiday season rejoicing in the Lord and rejoicing in the relationships with those I love.

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