Six by Sondheim

As I got home from the gym and started flipping through the channels looking for something to watch I came across Six by Sondheim.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a ridiculous geek when it comes to musicals, and I love documentaries that talk about musicals. The fact that I just happened to catch this one right as it was starting was totally perfect.

If you like musical theatre, you should definitely try to catch this one either on HBO or when it hits Neflix or Hulu.

It does a really good job about being autobiographical without feeling too tethered to a timeline. It also does a really great job of mixing different interviews of Sondheim over the years together. So, it’s not just the contemporary Sondheim talking about his work but Sondheim talking about his work throughout many decades.

My favorite bit about Sondheim that I learned from this show was his relationship with Oscar Hammerstein and how that relationship influenced his own work.

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