Finding what you’re good at

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The Potential by

I love to doodle. Put me in a meeting without a computer, and I’ll walk out with a doodle filled notebook.

I even got in trouble in 3rd grade for doodling too much on my spelling tests. Even though all the words were spelled correctly, my teacher didn’t like the doodles.

I can’t really draw — especially people. I don’t get shading and shadow. And, when it comes to drawing faces I can get almost everything okay except for the lips. When it comes to drawing a person, I get stuck on the hands. Proportion is not my friend.

I never thought of doing anything with my doodles until recently seeing that people have done some beautiful things with doodles. So, maybe.

The other thing I’ve been struggling with is my writing.

I keep thinking I want to write something creative. I’ve been afraid to commit to a “novel” or anything like that, but I’ve been leaning in that direction.

There’s a major problem … I have a very hard time writing dialogue. Anytime I write dialogue it feels so inauthentic to me that I get annoyed and just want to trash everything I’ve done.

While driving around earlier tonight, I remembered a conversation I had with one of my writing professors at Northland College. We were discussing what type of writing I enjoyed reading and what type of writing I was interested in pursuing myself.

Poetry was quickly off the list. I don’t like reading poetry and I really don’t like writing poetry.

Blogs weren’t a think back in the early ’90s.

I had done some creative writing, but I had raised similar concerns to those I already mentioned about dialogue.

I really enjoyed journalist writing, but after college I learned that I didn’t want to pursue that as a career.

I remembered in this conversation that we had come around to the topic of essayists. I really enjoyed that, and I’m not sure why I stopped doing it.

I also really enjoy history and research, and I feel like I could combine the enjoyment of history, research and writing and start doing some really cool things.

We’ll see where this new revelation goes.

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