Accomplishments for 2013 / Goals for 2014

Yesterday, over on my other blog, I wrote a post about my professional goals and accomplishments for 2013 & 2014. I based the post from a post by Chad Allen.

For this post, I’m going to focus on more personal items. There might be a few crossover items between the two lists.

What made me proud? 

  • Successfully stayed away from diet soda and other artificial sweeteners all year
  • Didn’t let some of the failures of my first year in Tennessee get me down, and decided a bit of a restart was in order in a move to Clarksville
  • Spoke at 3 different conferences
  • Won a MAXI award
  • Didn’t give up on my fitness goals. Joined a gym early in the year and then another one after my move to Clarksville. Finally found a place to workout at Circuit Athletics towards the end of the year.
  • Did not gain any weight during the year, including while rehabbing from breaking my ankle
  • Writing on this blog — especially the #julyproject
  • Helping build a windmill in Africa
  • Helping launch the Help Experiment
  • Finding a new church

My regrets: 

  • Not getting the Nashville 501 Tech Club meetup launched in 2013
  • Not losing any weight in 2013
  • While I kept trying to find the right fitness plan, there were several stretches of weeks (and months) where I could have been doing something but wasn’t
  • Overextending myself a bit and not being as successful on the planning committee for BarCamp Nashville
  • I spent way too much money eating out
  • I didn’t reduce my debt as much as I would have liked
  • Not being as engaged on Twitter as I would have liked. I tweeted quite a bit, but there were large gaps in “engagement”

Goals for 2014: 

  • Write 500,000 words (this includes this blog,, my posts on and other writing)
  • Launch the Nashville 501 Tech Club meetup and hold at least 6 meetups in 2014
  • Get more involved in the Nashville nonprofit community
  • Have at least one speaking engagement that is about my life and not about nonprofits or online marketing
  • Guest blog on at least 2 industry blogs
  • Workout at least 3 times a week
  • Redesign and rebrand it as
  • Send at least one personal snail mail note or card per week
  • Be more productive during work hours and free up
  • Eat out less
  • Go on at least one trip that isn’t for a conference or similarly related activity
  • Deal with the dental issues I’ve been putting off
  • Read from the Bible at least once a week
  • Attend church at least 75% of the Sundays during 2014
  • Find more ways to be involved within the Clarksville community

Crazy ideas: 

  • Get weight down to 200 pounds
  • Be debt free by the end of the year
  • Write 1,000,000 words
  • Write a book

I know that my goal list is kind of long and some aren’t entirely “SMART” goals that are Measurable and Time-bound, but they are all things that are very important to me. I also think that they are all very doable things. Some are things that will only require a small change in behavior. Others will require quite a bit of time to accomplish.


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