Book Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King #emptyshelf

I’ve been a Stephen King fan since I was a teenager, but for awhile it felt like his stories were getting a bit repetitive. Once he finished the majority of the work on the Dark Tower series, he started putting out some awesome work that I’ve really enjoyed — 11/22/63; The Cell; Under The Dome; Duma Key; etc.

I can now add Doctor Sleep to that list.

If you’ve never read The Shining (not just watched the movie), you probably should before reading Doctor Sleep. You could probably still enjoy Doctor Sleep without reading The Shining, but there are certain bits that might get lost.

Doctor Sleep starts out a bit slow, but about 25% of the way through — after you’ve met most of the main characters — it really gets going.

Some of the bad guys are a bit one-dimensional, but the protagonists are pretty awesome.

And, of course, my favorite part of the book is Stephen King’s author note at the end. I am definitely a Constant Reader.

The book would definitely fit on the horror shelf and shouldn’t be read by someone prone to nightmares. I would also not let someone under 14 read it.

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