Travel Adventures Part 1 #my500words

Today’s writing challenge from Jeff was to create a list.

One of the things that I haven’t talked about much on this blog are some of my travelling adventures.

My travelling started in adulthood. When I was a child, I went on only a few memorable trips.

When I was 8, I went to Disneyland with my grandparents and an aunt and uncle. When I was either 17 or 18, I went down to Los Angeles with our Key Club high school group. We went to a Key Club convention and also went to Disneyland. We also took a couple of trips to Carson City, Nevada after my aunt, uncle and cousins moved there.

Literally, the furthest from California I moved to before I was 18 was Carson City, Nevada. If you’ve never been to Carson City, you might not realize that it’s very close to the California border.

My real travelling began after I left for college.

In the fall of 1991, I traveled from Sacramento to Minneapolis, Minnesota and then to Duluth, Minnesota on my first two airplane flights. Once in Duluth, I loaded into a van and traveled to Ashland, Wisconsin. I was physically in three states in 1 day. That was a record for me.

In January of 1992, I made my first visit to Utah. I flew from Sacramento to Salt Lake City and then spent a few days in Ogden, Utah. I flew back to Minnesota and spent the next couple of months in Wisconsin.

In the Spring of 1992, I took a trip with the other communications committee folks to New York City. To get there, we had to board a plane in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I can’t remember which airport we changed planes in. It might have been Detroit. That trip to New York was really fantastic.

The summer of 1992 involved another round trip from Wisconsin to California and back but not much other travelling.

The end of 1992, 1993 and the spring of 1994 didn’t involve much travel except for trips from California to Wisconsin for school. I did travel to Southern Wisconsin and that was a fun trip.

At the end of the summer, 1994 I moved back from Wisconsin to California. I spent most of that fall in Marin County, California. I got to explore the county a lot.

In the winter of 1995, I moved from California to the Washington, DC Metro area. I lived in Virginia and spent a good deal of time exploring DC and Virginia. Unfortunately, I was without a car so any exploring was via Metro. In February of 1995, I took a little trip down to North Carolina to meet a guy. I had been talking to him online for a bit and we started dating for a few months. The trip to North Carolina on Amtrak was great. Amtrak on the east coast is so great compared to the rest of the country.

By the summer of 1995, I was living in Maryland. I had lived in four states in 12 months between August of 1994 and July of 1995 — Wisconsin, California, Virginia and Maryland. For the next few years, I did not do a lot of travelling. I did take another trip on Amtrak down to South Carolina to watch my sister graduate from Army basic training.

The real travelling began when I got my car in the fall of 1997.


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