Getting a DAR application together

One of my projects for this year is to put together an application for Daughters of the American Revolution.

This is a little tricky because I’m eligible for DAR through my father’s line. There are actually two patriots that I’m related to. Because of the adoption when I was three where my birth certificate was changed and my father was listed as John Robert Reed, this is a little tricky. I have to collect evidence that shows I am the daughter of Vernon Benton Leonard.

If Lee were still alive this would be a little easier because he could submit an affidavit that I’m his daughter.

I also have to provide other evidence that links Vernon (Lee) to his ancestors.

The following is the list of things I need:

  1. Dated copy of Lee’s obituary where I’m listed as his daughter
  2. Affidavit from my half-brother confirming Lee as my father.
  3. Certified copy of Lee’s death certificate.
  4. Death certificate for Lee’s father — Vernon Benton Phillips — from California.
  5. Death certificate for Amos Williams Phillips — Lee’s grandfather — from Oklahoma.

There may be other secondary things I need to prove my link to Lee.

The cool thing is that once I get Lee certified as a descendant of a patriot, my half-sister and half-brother could also use that. While my brother obviously isn’t eligible for Daughters of the American Revolution, he has a daughter and granddaughters who could apply in the future.


  1. Can relate to your challenges. I just completed D.A.R. and Mayflower Society applications. I didn’t have adoptions to contend with, but did have other issues we had to work around. Good luck with your application!

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