Don’t get me down …

One of my goals over the past several years is to not beat myself up over things, especially little things that I have no control over.

This has not been easy.

And, there are days where I definitely still struggle.

But, just over the past couple of weeks I’ve had some examples of me actually accomplishing this goal.

I recently made a mistake when reserving my car for my business trip. It was a pretty easy error to make, but kind of stupid. I could have let it completely ruin my whole business trip worrying about the slightly extra expense. But, I was able to shrug it off. It’s not something that I could fix. It’s definitely something I’ll be more mindful of in the future.

My handle on my suitcase broke when I got home to Nashville. Thankfully, there were some people in the airport who were willing to help me navigate my luggage from the baggage carousel to where I had to catch the shuttle. I haven’t figured out if it’s broken permanently or if something was preventing it from extending.

I left something in my rental car that will be annoying to replace. It’s not super expensive, but expensive enough that it wasn’t just something casual to lose either.

These types of issues run very deep. One of the reasons I hate carrying cash is that I’m so afraid I’m going to lose it. I remember one Saturday when my mother had given me a few dollars to buy bread and somewhere between home and the checkout line, I had lost the money and had to leave the bread at the store. I got in so much trouble that day for what was a very small mistake, and it was frequently brought up as an example of my “irresponsibility” — even years later.

I continue to work to fight against those old messages and show just how awesome I am.


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